立法目标与问题,2023- 2024


经过漫长的, member-driven process to set Municipal 立法的目标 for the 2023-24 biennium, NCLM现在已经开始努力实现这些目标. 在本页中,您将找到 立法的目标以及各自的谈话要点. You will also find a 账单跟踪工具 allowing you to closely follow legislation of importance to cities and towns. 

The 账单跟踪工具 categorizes bills filed at the NC General Assembly by three categories, 那些被指定为“活跃”的最需要关注. 用户可以滚动浏览每个类别, 查找每个账单的信息, 以及将用户带到NCGA网站的账单页面的链接. 并非所有类别在任何时候都可以包括立法, 根据大会的日程安排和活动, 以及立法方面的考虑. The site will be updated periodically to reflect activity and call member attention to bills as needed.​​


有弹性的基础设施 ​

Create an adequate and permanent funding stream for local infrastructure. 

  • 基础设施-包括道路, water, sewer, 雨水, parks and beaches – is critical to economic development and job creation.

  • 该州的许多城市都在发展, creating a constant need for investment to keep pace with population growth; many cities and towns also have aging infrastructure that must be replaced.​

  • 为地方基础设施建设创造更持久的资金流, 比如专门的税源, 是否可以更好地规划以满足需求.​

Expand state transportation funding streams for construction and maintenance for municipal and state-owned secondary roads.

  • ​Current Powell Bill and other state funding is not adequate to address transportation needs, particularly as they affect municipal and state-owned secondary roads.

  • 在许多城市和城镇, major commuting corridors are not receiving the level of investment needed to keep pace with traffic.

  • More investment is needed for these roads if existing residents are to embrace business and residential growth.

Allow municipalities to use local resources and capabilities to expand broadband access in their communities through innovative partnerships.

  • Slow and unreliable internet service threatens educational and professional opportunities, 以及整个社区的经济未来.

  • Municipalities own existing infrastructure – including dark fiber, towers and electric poles – that could be utilized in innovative partnerships and assist in making broadband service more affordable.

  • Failure to utilize local government assistance and assets will continue to create digital gaps that have real-world consequences for North Carolinians. 

Expand incentives that encourage regionalization of water and sewer, 以及其他市政服务, 在适当的时候.

  • A number of municipal water and sewer systems continue to financially struggle with deferred maintenance needs.

  • These challenges came about largely due to population and job losses in rural areas, 导致纳税人和纳税人基础受到侵蚀.

  • While legislators and municipalities have begun to address these issues with the creation of the Viable Utility Reserve and the use of ARPA funding, state estimates show needs still exceed expenditures by several billion dollars.​​



  • Roughly 40 percent of municipal general fund revenue is generated by local property taxes. Cities have little to no authority to raise significant revenue in other ways.

  • 缺乏多样性, 地方税收选择可以影响经济增长, as well as cause large swings in revenue based on economic changes. 


  • Funding is simply inadequate in many cities and towns to encourage job growth.

  • State grants and incentives are often targeted in ways that fail to assist the areas in greatest need of job creation.

  • 维持或扩大电影税收抵免的资金, 主要工业用地发展, downtown development and renewable energy tax credits helps cities and towns across the state.​ 



  • Housing affordability is a growing problem across North Carolina, affecting cities and towns of all sizes and people across different income levels.

  • 越来越多地, the lack of affordable housing acts as a major impediment to business and workforce recruitment.

  • Ongoing state and federal revenue streams to address housing affordability are extremely limited, 解决方案的大部分负担留给了城镇. 

Revitalize vacant and abandoned properties with enhanced legal tools and funding.

  • 废弃及空置物业, 通常是所谓的纠结标题的主题, can affect the ability of communities to revitalize areas and improve economic conditions.

  • 废弃的房产, with enhanced legal tools to help heirs clear up title issues and sell properties at market rates, 能帮助解决当地的住房需求吗.

  • Many towns do not have the funding to adequately address abandoned properties.​


Revise state contracting laws to better protect public entities from the effects of inflation.

  • 劳动力和材料成本一直在快速上升, leaving municipalities with few options when project bids and costs exceed expectations.

  • Additional flexibility regarding the contracting process could assist municipalities in protecting taxpayers from inflation and escalating costs.

  • Without contracting law flexibility, projects can be delayed and costs can further increase.​​

Enhance state systems and resources for local law enforcement officer recruitment, 培训, 和保留.

  • Municipalities across the state are facing law enforcement staffing shortages, 在许多情况下严重短缺.

  • 国家培训资源有限, and the cost of local law enforcement agencies to send recruits and existing officers to NC Justice Academy locations can be prohibitive.

  • Grant writing assistance is one of several options that might provide better access to the large volume of federal law enforcement grant funding that is available.​​​


NCLM的核心市政原则, 由董事会和会员通过, are principles that serve as a guide in efforts to oppose legislative proposals that would act to undermine our cities and towns. ​​

了解更多有关核心市政原则的信息 here​